Samsung T1 250GB SSD Review


Samsung announced this little bad boy at CES this year (2015), and we were rather shocked. This, for all who don’t know, is pretty much what it says on the tin – a USB3, portable SSD. Now of course there are lots of meanings of portable, portable could mean any USB only powered 2.5 inch hard drives, portable folding chair, portable .. you know. So to put this up-to-1TB-SSD in context, this measures 3 inches, by 2 inches by 0.3 inches, or in metric that is 7.5cm, 5cm, 1cm. That means, for a 1TB SSD, you can fit it in the palm of your hand and still have room to spare! This thing is just amazing.

The T1 comes with a warranty and information leaflet as well as a bespoke USB3 A to micro B cable, with Samsung branding on the glossy plastic ends. Its a flat, short run cable which actually makes it very nice, and its a good enough distance away from everything else that it doesn’t pose a problem in the way of blocking other devices or connections.

As you can see below, the SSD performed pretty well, especially over USB3.0 on a 990FX board! It maxed out at around 230mb/s in both real world testing and in synthetic benchmarks, such as AS SSD and ATTO. For my real world tests (more in the video at the end of the article), I copied and read a varied amount of data, from 60GB of photos, to an uncompressed iso file. All of which copied at around 150-200mb/s per second, although, there was one copy, of my Youtube Music collection, that copied at about 350mb/s!


To talk more about the aesthetics of the drive, it has an awesome textured feel to about two thirds of it, and a glossy black plastic over the rest. While the glossy part does add to the beautiful look, it still does attract fingerprints like there is no tomorrow, and for a device like this that is meant to be picked up, plugged in, pulled out, thrown in a bag and such, it is just a tad annoying. Other than that, the ‘bespoke’ cable it comes with sits flush either side when plugged in, which only adds to the appeal. The bright and glossy silver Samsung logo across the matte area actual just makes the drive look better, as it gives a sort of third tone… I am by far not an art student, so I’m gonna shut up about tones and contrast and stuff…haha ANYWAY, it looks amazing in my eyes. Check out the pictures below and see what you think!

Finally, I have to mention the weight. This thing feels like an empty, hollow piece of plastic, and if it didn’t work so god damn well I would think I was sent a dummy unit! Basically, inside its a Samsung MSATA SSD with an MSATA to USB3 converter on the front. That is how they get up to 1TB in it, but the weight, the style and the performance from an external drive like this just adds to make me want one of my own!