Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR4 Orange Edition Review

Want to see this TechteamGB exclusive look at Corsair’s orange DDR4 RAM designed for Gigabyte’s X99-SOC champion! 

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This sexy kit of RAM is Corsair’s Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR4 kit, with a twist – it’s the first retail kit to run at 3400Mhz (Yeah, 3.4GHz RAM. Who’d of thought it?) using the stock XMP profile out of the box. Wow! Oh yeah, and they worked with Gigabyte to colour match the awesome looking heatsinks on the top to the Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion board, see our overview of that here.

The box was a lot larger that I expected, due to the two fan included (seen above). Personally I have never liked those types of fans, as they are difficult to get on, and especially in this case, where there are only two DIMMs either side of the socket, difficult to stay on as they just hook around the sides of the slots. Nevertheless they are a nice addition and designed beautifully.

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The Dimms themselves look amazing, with black PCBs, black metal heatsinks and large heat fins at the top, and LEDs that illuminate the cool orange bar along the top. If you hold one of these sticks, you’d understand when I say everything about this stick screams quality and shear premium feel. To top off the cool features, Corsair have added a Corsair Link port to the side of each Dimm, allowing you to connect your Corsair Link kit and control the LEDs, as well as monitor temperatures and voltages – a very nice touch!

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Also, next to the Link port, you’ll notice the sticker boasting the 3400MHz XMP enabled spec of this DDR4 kit – pretty awesome.

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As you can see, this matches the Gigabyte board perfectly, and for that reason alone, I’d consider the £700+ price tag (as of writing), just to match this awesome board. Oh, you thought this would be cheap? Ha.


Now, we have never done a memory review before, so this is a bit rudimentary… Above are the timings you’ll get at 3400MHz, and below are some benchmarks from the PassMark suite.latency3400


Now, as you can expect with DDR4 RAM, the latency is pretty high (see the graph below for comparative figures). This is the same for all generations of RAM, the higher frequency you go, the higher latency you get – and while many programs do favour frequency, you do still have to strike a balance between the two.

To talk about read and write speeds of the RAM, you won’t be too surprised to find this kit is stupid fast, averaging 7GB/s reads, and 5.5GB/s writes (although reads peaked at 27GB/s, and writes at 22GB/s!).

overallwXMP3400This set of graphs pretty much clears it up. Besides latency, which was expect to be high anyway, this kit blows all others out of the water, with ridiculously high scores on all tests.


So, there you have it. If you’re looking for the fastest, sexiest RAM on the planet with more of a premium feel than a solid gold toilet, this is the RAM for you – just make sure you have your pocket book open and ready because this one could break the bank!

Would you buy RAM this expensive? Let me know in the comments below!