Cooler Master’s New Modular Case

Cooler Master is a company known for making some epic cases. Their latest offering is something different in a series of products that have’t changed much since their conception.

MC PRO_Explode-packageThe case is designed to be super customisable so that it fits the needs of you. As you can see from the image almost all the panels are removable and interchangeable. If you want water cooling you can have it, all you have to do rearrange some of the panels. Removing panels is also super easy, all you have to do unclip them, that’s it. This case also allows you to buy “accessories” for it. Such examples are an SSD tray or a 3 bay HDD tray that you can just clip into the case.

The cases have some pretty epic ventilation, so you can keep your I7 at a good temperature (not 98°). This is achieved by having mounts for three 140mm fans at the front of the case. There are also mounting options for a 280mm Radiator to further cool your machine. In total you can have six fans.

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There are two versions of the case, the first version is called the Cooler Master MasterCase 5, and the other is the MasterCase 5 pro. The only difference that I can notice is that the non Pro version has not got the “accessories” like the side window. But the Non pro version has a overall smaller drive capacity.

This case is super cool and I totally recommend it if your building yourself a new PC, I definitely recommend if it’s a water cooling build. If you just want something different this is probably it because, its cool but still functional. The cases are fairly expensive at £89.99 for the non pro and £109.99 for the pro.