AMD R9 Nano Launch

AMD have announced some really cool GPU’s this year and in my opinion this one is the coolest. The R9 nano is a small form factor card which will still allow you to play 4k games at respectable frame rates.

r9 nano
The R9 nano is a card designed to fit inside the mini ITX form factor, which has been known as the HTPC form factor for a while now, but in the last year people have wanted fast small form factor PC’s and AMD have a card to deliver. The R9 nano is only 6 inches long, to put that in comparison the MSI R9 390x almost 11 inches in length. This small size is extremely impressive for its processing power

Even though the card is smaller that does not mean you should loose any performance. AMD claim a “up to 30%” speed increase over the 290x and up to 2x better performance per watt. All of these numbers are good but in the real world they don’t equate to much so lets see the real world data.r9 nano fpsFrom this graph you can see that the AMD cars is much much better than what Nvidia have to offer but take it with a grain of salt. All of this data is from AMD themselves. But with all the information that we have this card is going to perform really really well. AMD also allow you to run this card in 4 way cross fire if want to.

The worry when having a card this powerful being so small is the heat that it will produce. AMD claim that it’s going to be 20ºC cooler than a 290x and have an operating temperature of 75ºC. AMD have done this with its new vapour chamber and heat pipes. AMD have also reduced the core clock speed of the core down to 850MHz for better thermal performance. One compromise that AMD could have done to reduce the heat is to have some really loud fan, but this card actually quieter than its predecessors. R9 Nano is 16 dBA quieter than a R9 290x. AMD are using the term “library quiet” and if that’s true it will be epic.

This card’s promising a lot and on paper it’s amazing. We’re hoping to do a review of it really soon so stay tuned. Are you guy’s psyched?