Acers Modular PC

Modular PC’s have been something tech companies talk about a bit but now Acer has made one and it will be produced!


At CES 2014 Razer unveiled a modular PC concept that they called “Christine“. This concept was super cool for us tech enthusiasts but very unpractical if it was ever going to go to market. Acer has found a way to make a modular PC manufacturable and marketable. Acer’s offering is quite different to what Razer had in mind, but a necessary step in reaching the goal of modular PC systems.

Acer is calling their modular pieces “blocks” and they’re cool. The first is a hot-swappable 500GB or 1TB HDD which can also be used as a portable HDD. The next is a wireless power bank for wireless charging. I don’t even know of any computer which offers anything like this. The last block is an audio block that has a speaker and microphone. We can only wait for more of these blocks to be announced in the coming months and I think this technology has a lot of potential.

Acer Revo Build will have a square base with dimensions 125 x 125mm, which is a very small PC even removing it’s modular element. The actual specs are pretty underwhelming with it only allowing Intel Celeron and Pentium CPU’s, and up to 8GB of RAM. The graphics will be the integrated Intel HD graphics and there seems to be no option for discrete graphics. The base price will be only €199 and will be released in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) markets with no word about the US. Acer have also not said anything about the price of their proprietary blocks.

Are you going to be the first to invest in this new technology?