AMD Fury X Review

This is one of the best graphics cards around, with a near silent liquid cooling system out of the box, and amazing performance too! 

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This isn’t the first card to have an all in one liquid cooling solution, even as reference, but I can’t help but know this is different, better. The card itself is completely fanless, as there is a copper heatpipe inside, connected to the GPU heatsink, to cool the VRMs. The radiator is a relatively thick 30mm, plus the 25mm for the 120mm fan, which combined at to the length of the end tank at the bottom (55mm for those who can’t add well). Something I’ll not here is that the fan is incredibly quiet, as it the rest of the system!

DISCLAIMER: We got a 1st gen card as a sample, direct from AMD, and as you may already know, 1st gen cards have a pump issue that produces an annoying whine, and also happens to have the wrong cooler master logo inside. The one you’ll buy today will have the correct logo and no pump noise issues, and while I can’t first hand attest to that, I’m confident it’s true!

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So, let’s talk specs.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
Stream Processors 4096
Texture Units 256
ROPs 64
Boost Clock 1050MHz
Memory Bus Width 4096-bit
Transistor Count 8.9Billion
TDP 275W
Architecture GCN 1.2
GPU Fiji


As you can see, the card isn’t exactly low end. With AMD’s new HBM technology (see our interview with AMD’s Richard Huddy), it’s able to achieve ridiculous feats, including being relatively cool! With nearly 9 Billion transistors on an admittedly large GPU (see below), and it’s stock 1GHz core clock, it isn’t exactly slow either!


The core is pretty big, but remember that chip in Tom’s hand there, also contains all 4GB of VRAM, stacked literally on the GPU, and means the overall card size can be dramatically smaller than normal, even if the cooling solution does take up a bit of space…

AMD Fury X Review.00_01_50_01.Still008

Let’s take a bit more of a look around the card. On the back corner, you’ll see the two 8 pin PCI-E power connectors that power this beast, and the 10 red LEDs above them, which indicate GPU load – and look pretty awesome! A bit more forward you’ll see the bios switch, which as far as I’m aware, has one standard, and one extreme bios. Finally, you get the cool red RADEON logo on the side, which lights up rather nicely too!

AMD Fury X Review.00_02_11_18.Still010On the back, you’ll get HDMI, and 4 DisplayPorts, and that’s it. No DVI, just DisplayPort – and for this card, I’m fine with that. It’s a high end card, and I can see the ‘nothing but the best’ mentality here, which is kinda cool.

AMD Fury X Review.00_02_33_15.Still012

One of the really cool features of the card, is the very-easily-removable plate on the top, which with the help of a small alan(hex) key can be removed, modded or even a new one easily 3D printed! Really cool! Also, you can see that heatpipe I was talking about, as well as the wrong cooler master logo, and the pump/heatsink in general! As you can see, all the tubes and cables are braided, a nice touch. Also a quick note on the length – it’s perfect. If you want to mount it to the floor, the front, the back or even the roof, you can! Pretty cool (obviously something like the caselabs STH10 wouldn’t fit that description..).

AMD Fury X Review.00_05_10_13.Still013

As you can see, when fired up, the card’s activity is reflected by the LEDs, and I really like that.

IMG_3767Finally, before we get into the games, I’d like to show off the one photo I took of this that I really freaking like… haha

Games avg min max
AMD Fury X 1440p/1080p
Bioshock 151/217 124/172 194/259
Grid 2 63/74 61/63 65/85
GTA V 100/118 25/35 170/220
Ungine 69/108 25*11 143/218

Now, as I explain in the video, we don’t have much if any GPU’s around to test with, especially not a 980ti and a Titan X. and while that is a real shame, I want to make it clear this card seems to site between a 980ti and Titan X, while being (currently) priced almost the same as a 980ti – pretty cool!

So yeah, I really like this card. With the added benefit of Freesync, I had the best experience gaming I’ve ever had with this card. If you have the money, especially to get something like the BenQ XL2730Z along with it (1440, 144Hz, Freesync), I would seriously suggest you take a look at this!