Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review

While this isn’t a jab at Hannspree (as I own a good 1080p monitor from them), this one really doesn’t set the highest standard.

Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_00_36_06.Still002

So, just from looking at it, we know it’s glossy. -1 points here. (Add all the points up and comment below!) What you don’t know straight up, is that it’s 4K (+1) and 28″ (+1), which for me is the perfect size for 4K right now. Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_00_42_00.Still003

The design is pretty cool (+1), with some brushed aluminium plastic on the back, and a glossy (-1) but cool looking (ok +1 so forget that last bit) chrome stand – which is a tab (very -1) basic.

Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_00_50_00.Still004

Next is the on screen menu buttons, which for some reason are on the back, and can be difficult to adjust to (-1) but once you get used to them, the are alright. The menu isn’t anything to be desired though. (-1), while is does seem to contain the necessary items, DisplayPort comes default on 1.1 mode, meaning you can’t even run 4K on this, you have to run 1440p until you change the setting (-1), it doesn’t look great, and doesn’t do anything other than the most basic features (i.e no anti-flicker, low blue light or specific modes).Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_01_01_08.Still005

The dual 3W speakers are possibly the worst sounding audio devices I’ve ever heard (-2), except for maybe a pair of earphones I went swimming with as a child.. Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_01_13_26.Still006

The I/O confused me a little, as it has DVI-I, 2 HDMI ports (not 2.0) and a single DisplayPort. Since this monitor is 4K, I see no real need for the DVI port, and barely a need for 1 HDMI port, let alone 2! (-2). I can sort of see a need for one, if you want to play your XBONE on it at 1080p or something, but other than that… Nope, got nothing.Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_01_39_06.Still007

The stand, as I said, is quite basic, with only tilt available. If you can work out how to remove it, you’ll be able to attach a VESA mount stand instead – if you wanted to.

Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_02_11_14.Still001

Now, the real problems. The image above (and below) illustrates my point, this monitor (RRP of £329) has a single pane of glass on the front – normally a stylish touch, but for SOME REASON… They decided to put the actual display panel a full centimetre behind the glass, making one of the worst viewing experiences I’ve ever seen. (-10(No, -20)) It ever reflects the image around the edges, as if to emphasise the monitor’s flaw.Hannspree HU282PPS 4K Monitor Review.00_02_27_16.Still008So, this is the other issue. This is a TN monitor, and is possibly the worst panel they could have got – as you can see above(-10). The colours in the top left are completely different to the colours on the bottom right! Pretty bad.

So I guess that’s it. I don’t get where this monitor is meant to sit in the world… It’s not a gaming monitor, it’s not a designers monitor and it isn’t an office monitor – or even a home use monitor! Where do you think it’s meant to go?