Acer Predator 15 First Look


This is Acer’s take on a 15 inch gaming laptop – although it’s certainly no thin and light!

It’s a nice overall style, plastic construction although feels well built, and some nice lighting options on the outer lid, and multiple zones on the keyboard too with full RGB lighting. You also get a nice button to turn off the trackpad next to the arrow keys, which works well thanks to the bright LED light to make sure you know if it’s meant to be working or not!IMG_0023

As you can see, it’s not the thinnest in the world, and it certainly has the weight to prove it. It’s not something I’d carry daily, but might be ok for a more ‘mobile workstation’ type use.IMG_0022

Something nice to add is that the laptop features G-Sync (mobile), which is nice for a smooth gaming experience too, and comes with 970m and 980m options.

Their main party trick here is what they call the ‘predator core’, an optical drive replacement that allows for more airflow, by using the SATA power to run a small fan. It’s interesting – since it’s included free in the box, but personally I’d like an option to use another SSD in there.

Anyway, that’s a quick roundup of the laptop, and questions can be left below, otherwise I’m sure I’ll be getting a review sample soon enough!