Windows 10 Upgrade Is Getting Serious

Windows 10 upgrade notice

Windows 10 has been pestering us since July last year, many have taken the easy way out and upgraded already (Apparently over 300 million devices now), but for the resistant few, it’s been a tough year. My test bench PC is still currently running Windows 7 Ultimate, since everything is working just fine, and my benchmarks showed there wasn’t much if any performance gains to be had (Until DX12 comes around).

Microsoft has been getting gradually more and more aggressive in their efforts to force people to ‘upgrade’ to Windows 10 – and while my main desktop has had it since pretty much day 1, some of the devices here will not be upgraded for a while yet.

I’m actually a little worried. News broke a few weeks ago about an issue Microsoft basically created with anyone using Windows 7/8/8.1 and an Asus motherboard with SecureBoot, completely bricking the users’ PC, and are refusing to fix it as they say users should just upgrade to 10.

Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 upgradeAs has been happening since pre-launch, Microsoft has been auto-downloading  it’s new OS onto people’s PCs without telling anyone, and hiding it in a ‘hidden folder’ that the average user wouldn’t know to look for. It currently takes up about 6GB of space, and for those with a 120 or 240GB SSD as their boot drive, it really puts you in a tight spot.

This ‘auto-upgrade’ mentality is getting pretty annoying, as my HTPC that (because of British Gas and their old and outdated home-top-up service) needs to stay as a Windows 7 PC, had a notice that the PC ‘was going to be upgraded in 15 minutes’, and all I could do was re-schedule it for a week later, something I quickly did, and will continue to do until the upgrade runs out. Since I’m planning to put Ubuntu on it next week anyway, with 7 as a dual boot, it should be fine.

Either way, the Windows 10 update is getting pretty serious. You’ve got until July 29th to decide. Will you be upgrading? Have you already?

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