Walk Around FreshTech Solutions


Freshtech invited me over to their offices to take a look around the place, so here we go!

First thing inside was their storage space, they hold stock of a fair few cases! They mentioned their capacity was somewhere around 700 a week, so I guess they need them! IMG_0039IMG_0040A little further back you’ll find most of the components – a good number of boards – especially FM2+, although a couple of Z170 boards too. In terms of GPUs, you’ll mostly find 970’s, although a good number of 980ti’s too. There’s a fair few AMD stock coolers in there too, I assume to go with the FM2 boards – as they do sell a fair few budget systems.

One of the cool things they mentioned though, is that of the lower end systems they do sell, the key component that never gets compromised is the PSU – as a lot of brands especially on places like Amazon and Ebay often put what they called ‘firecracker’ PSUs in the system to save a few quid – but are named that way for a very, very good reason. Kind of a “If I go down I’m taking you with me” kinda thing…

They build some of the systems here, as well as in another building/testing area – and handle a lot of the returns as soon as they come back so they can make sure the user gets their PC back asap – that’s always nice.IMG_0042

This is a selection of PCs that were going out that day – see one that looks like yours? Either way, it’s always cool to see lots of PCs going to happy gamers (and for what ever else these PCs are used for… but I assume gaming mostly.)

And finally just a quick look inside the shop front section – obviously as you saw from the sign up at the top of this article, they are partnered with Gigabyte, so they have a fair lot of Gigabyte shop dress! Nice little waiting area though, especially if you are coming to pick up a new PC!

Anyway, thanks to Freshtech for letting me poke around, they have a nice place and despite the strange Google reviews, they are nice folk that make good PCs (no, they aren’t paying me to say that. Yes, I’ve had several PCs from them.) Feel free to check them out if you are in need of a new gaming PC!