VTIN Action Camera Review

IMG_9589When VTIN approached me in regards to making a review of some of their products, like so many of the other Chinese Amazon brands, I initially wasn’t interested.

They then sent me a link to their store page, where I saw this listed. First impression was “huh, cool cheap GoPro type thing”. I’ve got to say, I wasn’t wrong, even if I am impressed.

Once it arrived (via Amazon Prime), I opened the actually rather nice box, and found the two accessory boxes, and the camera box. If you can’t see, this is the VTIN EYPRO.

Starting with the camera, it comes inside a smaller box, with relatively thick soft-cell foam, and comes inside it’s “waterproof” case.


The sheer volume of accessories this comes with is impressive. Really, I don’t know how they fit it all in!

You get multiple screw bars, clip mounts, tripod mounts, as well as another “waterproof” door, and a cool clip case that allows you to attach it to a tripod or other mounting, but would give you good audio too.

The waterproof case is pretty cool – it has a latch on the top which is nice (if tough to get in). It has the waterproof style spring loaded push buttons to allow you to power on/off, record, and even change all the settings while inside. The waterproof door has a nice thick rubber seal, and has four soft foam posts at the corners to add more shock absorption.

The camera itself isn’t bad either, with a few more buttons than your usual Go Pro, and actually has a colour screen on the back, even if it is tiny as hell – still nice to see what you are filming!

On the front you have the rather easy to press record button and the camera lens. Right of that the SD card slot, Micro-USB port and Micro-HDMI port. The top has activity LED and the ‘OK’/Record button. The Left has two up/down buttons, one that enables WiFi and allow for navigation of the menu. The back has a nice (if small) display to show you what you are filming, although this turns off after around 30 seconds of recording – don’t worry if it’s not on once your done doing your epic snowboard flips or whatever. Just press the ok button on top and it’ll turn back on, then again to stop recording. On the bottom you’ll find the battery compartment. Since there is no external charger, you’ll need to swap the batteries out to charge them both in the camera.

The menu system is fairly easy to navigate, and has a good feature set available – including changing resolution, time-lapse mode, HDR, motion detection, WIFI and more advanced features like ISO, white balance, exposure and “Anti-Shaking”.

The quality isn’t bad, if you want some examples, check out my VLOG from the AMD trip to Stockholm I did, and should be watchable below.

Of course, this is billed as an Action Cam, and while I don’t do too much action – especially the sort of stuff this is designed for, I am actually really impressed with the image quality, stabilisation and overall build quality of this camera.
Having two batteries included is great – the battery life per charge isn’t bad either, with several hours of recording time available, then you can double it with the second battery – something to note though is you have to charge them inside the camera using the USB port, as this doesn’t come with an external charger.

So, would I buy this myself? Actually, quite probably. Price is great and, sure, this is no Go Pro Hero 4 Black or whatever, but for around £50 at the time of filming, it’s a good 1/8th of the price at least, with something like 1/3 of the features/quality. That’s not bad.

Gold AwardIt’s going to get the Gold Award, thanks to it’s price, decent quality, and while the settings that come on it by default are annoying for my use case, it’s versatility to be a car dash cam, sports camera, VLOG camera, or anything else that a small but decent camera can be used for make it great.

Of course, if you are after 4K, or 120FPS+ @1080p, this isn’t going to be for you, but for the average ‘home gamer’ (+1 internet points if you know where that is from), it’s pretty great, and worth the few quid it costs.