Live: MSI Taipei Press Conference

2016-08-16 13.45.57

I’m here in Taipei (awesome, right!) for MSI’s gaming laptop press conference. Now to be nice and up front about it, they are announcing a handful of new laptop SKUs with desktop GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 GPUs in them – and a new one with 2 desktop 1080s in SLI to replace the GT80 titan. These laptops are pretty awesome and I’ll be covering the event in a video shortly, so do stick around for that too. This will be a live updated article as I get info, so please do stick around as this is updated. The announcement is about to begin.


First up: a dance. Quite cool actually. Also an animation about putting the GT83 Titan together with the dual GTX 1080 MXM modules.

Next up: Eric who’s the Vice President of MSI.

“If you are not a gamer, please leave” These guys are funny.

“Gaming notebook market grown 9x in 5 years”. “Size matters”

GTX 1060 laptop for $1,699 with the GE62 Apache. VR ready. Nice.

Mobile chips are all the same, except for the GTX 1070 which has 1920 cores for desktop, whereas mobile has 2048 cores but at around 100 MHz slower for power efficiency.

120Hz laptop display hinted at here. That would be nice.

They are very clear that you don’t need a desktop, just an *cough* MSI laptop.

Two people on stage now ‘acting out’ the idea that you don’t need a desktop 1080 just their laptops. Some press guy just jumped on the stage claiming desktops have better performance and now they are ‘proving him wrong’. They have a GTX 1080 and i7 6700K system that got 20,000 points in 3D Mark 11, whereas their laptop got 21,000.

The same lineups, GT, GS, GE, GP which are all VR ready now.

New GT83VR Titan SLI with 2 1080s.

GT73VR Titan SLI new too, with a 120Hz display which is great.

GS63VR Stealth Pro. 1060 in this one.

New ‘Whirlwind blade’ fans and Cooler Boost Titan. Test they are running a 6820HK and 2 1080s, running prime95 and Kombustor to stress the CPU and GPU with the temps sitting around 70c.

They pulled up what looks like an Asus laptop to show the core clock speed at 800MHz to keep itself cool..

Ok this I have to talk about. Some of their laptops have a 120Hz 5ms panel, they are comparing it to a desktop monitor with 10ms 60Hz… Why? Did they just forget all the 144Hz 1ms Gsync/freesync monitors? It’s kinda stupid.

Now they just said a decent audio system costs $3000 but their laptop is clearly as good as that. What? So a $100 headset isn’t going to beat out the laptop? It’s nice and it’s great that they’ve made improved audio, but it’s not equivalent to a $3000 hifi system. They showed what looks like an Asus laptop that hits about 80db, whereas their one hits 100db with better clarity.