Why living room PC gaming is awesome.

Even wondered how to make living room PC gaming easy, fun and generally awesome? Welp, watch this and I’ll show you how!

CPU: prourls.co/EIuG
Motherboard: prourls.co/DyFU
GPU: prourls.co/ncn8
RAM: prourls.co/ICmE
Case: prourls.co/qhwH
PSU: prourls.co/VP30
CPU Cooler: prourls.co/vkJh
SSD: prourls.co/rrPq
HDD: prourls.co/o1lh

ROCCAT SOVA: prourls.co/pg0C
Logitech K400 PLUS: prourls.co/P2ym
Steam Controller: prourls.co/TVEV
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