Top 5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for a Techie Friend

By the time you read this, you probably don’t have much time until Christmas (or you read it after christmas for some reason and you’ve got almost a full year…). If you have a techie friend you still haven’t got that perfect present for yet, I’m gonna help you out right now. Here’s my top 5 Christmas gifts that are nice and cheap, available with one day delivery (gift wrapped and all) from Amazon, and even better, these links will help me out too which is like a little Christmas gift from you to me too!

1: Logitech L400 Plus

This cheap wireless keyboard can be found right here, and is pretty great. I use it myself for my HTPC under my TV and it’s really useful. The keyboard does feel a bit cheap, but for £25 in the UK, that’s wireless, comes with batteries that will last for months if not years at a time, and have a great multi-function track pad, I feel like that’s ok. I also used this in my “Living room gaming PC” video!

2: HyperX Fury SSD

If your friend has ever mentioned how slow their PC is, an SSD is a brilliant way to improve the performance and usability. Heck, maybe even pick one up for your old laptop you don’t use because it takes 4 years to boot up! You can pick one up here.

3: Hubsan X4 Quadcopter

This is an awesome gift for techies or kids alike – it’s really easy to fly, with an advanced mode that lets you do flips and stunts. It’s tiny, so safe to fly indoors but can be flown outdoors too if you like. I’ve got one and it’s a lot of fun. You can grab one here.

4: AUKEY Battery Bank

I mentioned this is my “iPhone 7: The £50 solution to your £150 problem” video, and is something I use on a regular basis especially when travelling. It’s 20,000mAh so it’ll charge most phones somewhere around 10 times before needing recharged! Check it out here.

5: VTIN Action Camera

This little camera is almost 1/10th the price of a Go Pro – and while this one doesn’t offer the best microphone, nor 4K recording, it’s cheap and works pretty damn well! I reviewed it here, and you can pick one up here.