AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Review – The best CPU out?

AMD Ryzen is here, the hype is real and my god is it amazing. Tested in as many applications as I could do in the 2 days I had with it to not only test, but also film, edit and upload – but boy am I impressed.

I ran through as many games and applications as I could, namely Cinebench (Single & MultiThreaded), 3D Mark Firestrike 1080p (System score with GTX 980 to compare, and GTX 1070 too, plus Physics score), Asus RealBench, GTA V, Dirt Rally and DOOM (Vulkan). I tested the stock configuration, plus with a GTX 1070 to compare some freshly acquired results from an Intel i7-7700K with the same GTX 1070 (MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X), and with the GTX 980 with SMT turned off. Something to note is that when testing Ashes of the Singularity in DX12 mode with the 1800X and the GTX 980, it consistently gave me inconsistent results. Due to this, and my limited amount of time with the chip prior to it’s launch, I’m not using this a reliable source to showcase performance. Hopefully in ~3 months time when I revisit the 1800X’s performance, these issues will have been sorted out and I can confidently show you some DX12 results!

Interestingly, I really didn’t see much of a difference with SMT turned off  in games – perhaps that was due to not testing a DX12 title (I did try) although I would have though DOOM running in Vulkan mode would have shown some decent differences. I suppose something to note is that while the averages stayed the same for the DOOM results across all 3 resolutions, the minimum and maximum numbers generally increased with SMT off – so could be a more playable benefit even if it isn’t on average higher.

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