Hire Graphics: A new service for Gamers!

hire-graphics-logotagGamers now have a new way to play with the latest and greatest graphics cards.

East Sussex, UK – 27 September 2016 – Hire Graphics (hiregraphics.com) is a new service in the UK, which lets customers hire graphics cards for an affordable monthly rate.

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Gamers can hire graphics cards from hiregraphics.com for 12 months. At the end of the lease customers can use the purchase option to buy the graphics card outright, by making a 13th payment. Or they can upgrade to another graphics card for a new 12 month term.
Customers can also use Hire Graphics’ Early Upgrade service to upgrade to a new graphics card after the 5th payment.
As well as the Early Upgrade service, Hire Graphics want to make sure their customers aren’t left empty handed if something goes wrong with their graphics card, by providing either a replacement card or a loan card while their card is being fixed.
Hire Graphics say they “are hoping to make this an alternative to traditional finance options by offering an Early Upgrade service and providing a loan or replacement card, if the graphics card needs to go off to be repaired. Whereas with traditional finance options you may be left paying for something you physically don’t have in your possession and therefore unable to use. ”
Customers should be aware this service is only available to mainland UK residents over the age of 18.
If you want to use Hire Graphics, TechteamGB readers are being given 5% off per month (for the entire lease) when they use the discount code “TechTeamGB” at checkout.
You can check the range of graphics cards and find out more information at hiregraphics.com.